Oh. Hi there, stranger. How did you get here? Well, now that you're here you might just as well look around at the few things I have to post about. You will eventually get to see what I have done with my hobbies which include the following:

So please look around. (Almost) everyone is welcome here!

A Fallout Equestria plotline - by ChatGPT

I decided to ask ChatGPT to come up with a story plot featuring a stallion pony in the Fallout Equestria universe.

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Furality Aqua Lobby Entrance

Furality Aqua

My attendance to the VR Furry con called Furality. This time found under the LUMA Oceans - a beautifully crafted set of worlds and experiences. The con included three days of panels, meetups, performances, and a 24/7 collection of music sets in Club F.Y.N.N as well as a dealer's den showing off the community's creativity.

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Python Thumbnail

Some Random Blocks

Some random blocks I made for this site.

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3D Dragon Thingy

3D Dragon Thingy

Here is a simple little dragon head model I made using Blender 3D

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