Sadrok's New Home

How did you end up here?? Never mind that though. Welcome! You stand at the entrance of Sadrok's portal. Here you will find everything related to my hobbies and creative pursuits. Over time it should grow. Promise. Right now it's a bit empty as I'm starting out.

reason logo.png

Stupid little drum loop

So I started out with making music with the purpose of learning music production of various music genres. My first real attempt to make a drum loop resulted in this and I'm somewhat proud of it.

ball panic player.png

Ball Panic Video Game - incomplete

Ball panic is a simple arcade game where you avoid getting hit by balls and shooting them with vertical arrows. Balls split into two when struck by an arrow. The game was made while learning Unity through a Udemy course and is nowhere near completion. Just the basic game mechanics are implemented. There are no levels or refinement.

Assets was supplied with the course and are not my own.

memory game.png

Memory game

This simple memory card game was created during a Udemy course on Unity. The gameplay is mostly complete. All assets was provided in the course, I didn't make any of the graphics.

edit: game is so buggy. I might revisit the logic at some point.

dragon head black abs lowpoly model.jpg

3D Dragon Thingy

Here is a simple little model I made. I also 3D printed it on my 3D printer.