Dec. 30, 2022, 2:47 p.m.

A Fallout Equestria plotline - by ChatGPT

I decided to ask ChatGPT to come up with a story plot featuring a stallion pony in the Fallout Equestria universe.

>>> May I have an interesting plot for a stallion in the Fallout Equestria

Sure! Here's a possible plot for a stallion character in the Fallout
Equestria universe:

After the war, the stallion lived a quiet life as a farmer in a small,
isolated community. However, everything changed when raiders attacked
and destroy his home, killing everyone he knew. Determined to seek
revenge and protect others from suffering the same fate, the stallion
sets out on a journey to become a skilled fighter and hunter. Along the
way, he encounters a variety of characters, including other survivors,
mutated creatures, and even the occasional ghoul.

As he travels, the stallion discovers that the raiders are part of a
larger organization with plans to conquer the wasteland. With the help
of his new friends and allies, he decides to take on the raiders and
stop their plans. Along the way, he faces many challenges and moral
dilemmas, and must decide how far he's willing to go for the sake of
justice and peace. Will he be able to defeat the raiders and restore
order to the wasteland, or will he succumb to the dangers and pitfalls
of the post-apocalyptic world?

>>> What could the strengths and weaknesses be of our stallion protagonist?

Here are some possible strengths and weaknesses for our stallion


* Physical strength and endurance: Being a stallion, he is likely
stronger and more physically durable than other equine species. This
gives him an advantage in close combat and endurance activities such
as running and carrying heavy loads.
* Combat skills: As he trains and fights throughout his journey, the
stallion becomes proficient in various combat techniques and
weapons. He may be skilled with a variety of ranged and melee
weapons, as well as hand-to-hand combat.
* Leadership and determination: As a leader of his community before it
was destroyed, the stallion may have strong leadership skills and
the determination to see his goals through to the end. He may be
able to inspire and motivate others to join him in his cause.


* Lack of technical knowledge: As a farmer, the stallion may not have
a lot of experience with advanced technology or machinery. This
could make it difficult for him to repair or modify equipment, or
hack into computer systems.
* Emotional attachment: The stallion's motivations for his journey are
driven by a desire for revenge and a need to protect others. This
could make him emotionally attached to his cause and potentially
rash in his decisions.
* Overconfidence: As he becomes more skilled and successful in his
mission, the stallion may become overconfident in his abilities and
underestimate his opponents. This could lead to him taking
unnecessary risks or making costly mistakes.

>>> What about a love interest for this stallion in the wastelands?

Here's a possible love interest for the stallion in the Fallout
Equestria wasteland:

As the stallion travels through the wasteland, he meets a mare who is a
skilled medic and engineer. She is a member of a community that values
knowledge and education, and is dedicated to using her skills to help
others. The stallion is initially drawn to her for her intelligence and
compassion, and she is intrigued by his strength and determination.

As they spend more time together, they begin to develop feelings for
each other and support each other in their respective goals. The mare
helps the stallion with technical tasks and provides medical assistance
when he's injured, while he protects her and helps her find resources
for her community. However, their relationship is not without its
challenges. The stallion's desire for revenge and the mare's dedication
to non-violent solutions often cause them to disagree on how to solve
problems. They must learn to compromise and understand each other's
perspectives in order to make their relationship work.

>>> Who will be the hero's arch-nemesis and how will he be defeated?

Here's a possible arch nemesis for the stallion and how he could be

The hero's arch nemesis is the leader of the raiders, a cunning and
ruthless pony who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He is
skilled in both combat and manipulation, and has a large network of
followers and resources at his disposal.

Throughout the story, the stallion and the raider leader clash several
times, as the stallion tries to stop the raiders' plans and the raider
leader tries to eliminate him. The raider leader is always one step
ahead, and the stallion must use all of his skills and resources to keep up.

In the final confrontation, the stallion and the raider leader face off
in a one-on-one battle. Despite being evenly matched in combat, the
stallion is able to outsmart the raider leader by using his knowledge of
the raider's weaknesses and tactics against him. In the end, the
stallion emerges victorious and the raider leader is defeated, finally
bringing peace to the wasteland.