Furality Aqua Lobby Entrance
July 1, 2022, 6:52 a.m.

Furality Aqua

My attendance to the VR Furry con called Furality. This time found under the LUMA Oceans - a beautifully crafted set of worlds and experiences. The con included three days of panels, meetups, performances, and a 24/7 collection of music sets in Club F.Y.N.N as well as a dealer's den showing off the community's creativity.

This was a wonderful experience brought to the community with beautiful scenery to explore.

The official website: Furality Online Xperience

A 10-minute video I made of the Lobby and Club F.Y.N.N.: https://youtu.be/e6IE7tIbKH8

Below is a little gallery of snapshots I took during the event.

Furality Aqua Lobby Furality Aqua Lobby River Furality Aqua Lobby Selfie 2 Furality Aqua Lobby Selfie 3 Furality Aqua - Club F.Y.N.N. DJ Ear Furality Club F.Y.N.N. Selfie Furality Club F.Y.N.N. Selfie Blep Furality Club F.Y.N.N. Selfie 2 Furality Club F.Y.N.N. Scalie Bloke Furality Club F.Y.N.N. Scalie Bloke Lasers Furality Aqua - Club F.Y.N.N. DJ Ear Furality Aqua - Club F.Y.N.N. DJ Ear Lasers Furality Aqua Dealers Den Entrance Furality Dealers Den Manta Rays Furality Dealers Den Booth 1 Furality Dealers Den Booth 2 Furality Dealers Den Booth RhR Furality Dealers Den Booth 5 Furality Dealers Den Booth 4 Furality Dealers Den Booth 3