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import logging
import os
from io import BytesIO
from pathlib import PurePath
import azure.functions as func
from azure.identity import DefaultAzureCredential
from import BlobServiceClient, ContentSettings
from PIL import Image, UnidentifiedImageError
credential = DefaultAzureCredential()
THUMB_PREFIX = "thumb_"
def get_crop(size):
    Get the crop coordinates given the source image sizes
        size (tuple)  - the (width, height) of the image
    shortest_edge = min(size)
    centers = (size[0] // 2, size[1] // 2)
    return (
        centers[0] - shortest_edge // 2,
        centers[1] - shortest_edge // 2,
        centers[0] + shortest_edge // 2,
        centers[1] + shortest_edge // 2,
def main(myblob: func.InputStream):
    Generate thumbnails from incoming blob if it's an image and
    upload the thumbnail blob to the same location but with a
    file name prefix.
    source_path = PurePath(
    source_name =
    container_name =[0]
    source_path = source_path.relative_to(container_name)
    if container_name != CONTAINER_NAME:
        # Strange, we're suppose to only react to events in the data container
    if source_name.startswith(THUMB_PREFIX):
        # This is already a thumbnail so we can just leave it
        # Attempt to open the file as an image. If it's not, too bad so sad.
        source_image =
    except UnidentifiedImageError:
        f"Resizing image blob: \n" f"Name: {}\n" f"URI: {myblob.uri}\n"
    # Crop a square in the center and resize to thumbnail size
    thumb_image = source_image.crop(get_crop(source_image.size))
    thumb_image = thumb_image.resize((THUMB_SIZE, THUMB_SIZE))
    thumb_path = source_path.parent / (THUMB_PREFIX +
    thumb_stream = BytesIO(), format=source_image.format)
    with BlobServiceClient(
        account_url=ACCOUNT_URL, credential=credential
    ) as storage, storage.get_container_client(CONTAINER_NAME) as data_container:
            "Uploading image %s to %s. %s bytes",
        # Rewind to the start of the stream after .save wrote to it.
        with data_container.upload_blob(
        ) as out_blob:
  "Created image thumbnail: %s", out_blob.url)