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About Sadrok

Sadrok Dragon character ref sheet
Source: Nanukkluik

Sadrok is a black anthropomorphic western dragon.

Description: A slender but well-built male dragon with black soft scales and a lighter colored almost silvery unscaled hide on the chest, tummy, underside of the tail and insides of the thighs. Quadruped mostly but can also be biped/anthro.

The tail, thick at the base and have a length roughly equal the distance from the shoulders to the feet. Two horns not longer than the muzzle pointing backwards and slightly curved upwards. The head is covered in white hair, usually worn loose and long (down to the shoulder blades), The wings span from the body to wing tip should be roughly the same as the total length from head to tail tip and should be. The skin of the wings should extend down to just above the small of the back. The back paws should be a little large. Number of claws is 5 per limb 😛

The head is shaped as a merge between a lizard (say monitor lizard or iguana) and feline.