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Simple Anagram function

Software Development

Given the simple programming problem of testing two words of being anagrams I've found my simple solution I did a few years back. I decided to rework it into a much simpler solution using Python's Counter collection. But then I tried measuring the performance and was rather surprised.

My Solutions

Given the GIST below one can see three different attempts to the problem.

  • anagram_1(...) builds up two dicts of letters with their counts in the two words and then compare the two dicts for similarity. If they're similar, the two words are anagrams.

  • anagram_2(...) does the same thing but uses the python collection Counter to do the counting for you.

  • anagram_3(...) had me try the first solution but using default dicts instead of just getting the value from the dict first and adding one as well as using zip to iterate over the two strings.

Timing results

I was surprised to find the shorter anagram_2 to be about twice as slow as the more naive approaches of maintaining the counts in the dicts while iterating over each character in the strings.


# Loops

Best out of 5 per loop



14.9 ɥsec



52.0 ɥsec



19.5 ɥsec

Code snippets

So simpler or more concise code isn't always the better performing type. 🤔